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Zena Hinds

Fundraiser, political activist, bodyworker

In one word or phrase, what does “inheritance” mean to you?

Our responsibility to our ancestors and the next generation.


Zena's interest in theater has always centered on the intersection of the arts and social justice, from co-founding a theater company dedicated to de-stigmatizing mental illness in college to her professional work as the previous Director of Development at Tectonic Theater Project and as a development consultant with Opening Act and other local arts education organizations. This dual interest has also led Zena to political activism, most recently as Deputy Director for J Street in NYC and as an elected member of the Brooklyn Democratic Party County Committee with #RepYourBlock and New Kings Democrats. Zena holds a BFA in Drama from NYU Tisch and is currently pursuing a degree in Massage Therapy at Pacific College of Health and Science.


Zena can often be found tending to her houseplants, reading science fiction, pursuing the perfect balance of delicious and low-effort cooking or baking, and plotting how to spend more time at the beach.

Photograph by Sherrie Nickol

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