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Rebecca Schorsch

educator, community builder, artist

In one word or phrase, what does “inheritance” mean to you?



I am a Jewish educator and administrator with over 30 years of experience. I have spent 18 years in Jewish high school education, taught adults in a variety of educational and communal settings, and founded a pluralistic Jewish Day School in the city of Chicago. Currently, I am working on a documentary film, Life in Reverse, about the work Germans have done to contend with the Holocaust and the uncertain path toward historic reckoning.


With a PhD in religion, I have long been moved by the stories traditions tell and the ways we continue to live with and challenge ancient tales. I am interested in our sources of inspiration, the languages we use, the relationships and ideas that shape us, and the ways we make meaning of our lives. In the classroom and artistic projects, I love the collaboration — the hevruta — the relational creation of meaning and the creation of relationships through conversation, text, and lived experiences.

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