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What is your name?

Lauren Brinkman

In one word or phrase, what does “inheritance” mean to you?

Life. The gift of life.

This may seem simple and general, but I truly thank god, my parents, grandparents, and so forth for the gift of life every day. They have done so much to give me the best, and make sure I love and cherish my life.

What is something you have inherited?

My parent’s passion and optimistic outlook, and their ability to overcome anything thrown in their way with love.

How did you get involved with the In[HEIR]itance Project?

I’m a student at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA, but had a NYC semester abroad. My acting program required an internship within the arts, and my professor, Larry Singer, knew Jon Adam Ross and of this amazing company. He reached out to see if IP needed any extra help, turns out they did, and I became their first intern ever! Shortly after my internship ended, I was hired to continue handling social media and communications. I am so lucky to have this opportunity and so blessed to still be involved in this amazing, magical company and hope to always be.

What is a sacred text for you right now?

I’m actively trying to better myself while in quarantine…so yoga, my hour-by-hour hand written schedule, and my “Calm the F*ck Down Journal” by Sarah Knight have been pretty sacred lately. It’s definitely the strangest time in everyone’s life, and I want to make sure I’m taking care of myself as best as I can– I’ve always said I’ve wanted time to focus on myself, and even though this is definitely not what I meant, I want to use this time to my advantage. Here’s to growth!

Where can people follow you? (social media, websites, etc..)

Instagram: @laurenverronica

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