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EXODUS: homecoming

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Created in collaboration with residents in:


Cast Photos

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Production Team


Director Chantal Pavageaux 

Assistant Director Brittney Harris

Producer Goode Productions

Playmakers Jon Adam Ross, Zhailon Levingston

Music & Lyrics Ellie Kahn, Denise Manning

Music Director Ellie Kahn

Production Stage Manager Marijke Silberman

Assistant Stage Manager Leajjah Flemmings

Set & Prop Designer Terry Flint

Set Assistants Kim Higgins & Suzanne Peterson

Sound Designer Martha Goode

Lighting Designer Akin Ritchie

Costume Designer Demetria Geralds

Production Manager Patrick Mullins

Lobby Exhibit Team Renee Calway, Destini Harrell & Kelly Jackson 

Community Engagement Ari Warmflash

Artistic Community Associate Caterina Nonis

Local Liaisons Kelly Jackson & Robin Mancoll

Dramaturg Rebecca Schorsch

Poster Art Aimee Bruce


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our process

This play was made with nearly 1000 participants, from over 40 community organizations, across all 7-cities in the Hampton Roads area. Since August 2021 In[HEIR]itance Project artists have been working with community members exploring three narratives side-by-side; the story of Exodus, the history of Coastal Virginia, and the reflections of the people who call this place home. Community conversations revealed themes that became monologues, scenes, and songs which were then shaped in a participatory process into what you’re seeing today. All box office proceeds from this production will go back to local artists and arts organizations in Hampton Roads.


When we first started working in the Coastal Virginia area, we quickly realized that we could not talk about one city without the context of the others. We had to approach the region all together, like one family made up of individuals. The more community members told us about the challenges that the seven cities have faced in coming together, we were reminded of biblical scholar Leon Kass’ explanation of Exodus as a story of “fractured peoples becoming a nation.” Kass says that this nation building requires three parts: a shared narrative, shared agreements, and a shared commitment to something greater than themselves. 

We were inspired by questions of how the cities of Hampton Roads can build a collective identity while also maintaining their own personalities, quirks and cultures. By examining a group of people who are connected as family and struggling to work together to face shared challenges, and exploring the reverberations of their decisions over time, we hope to reflect the multidimensionality of the issues facing this area, and how “the promised land” may still be within reach with a bit of expanded perspective.


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Hands United Building Bridges (HUBB)
The United Jewish Federation of Tidewater
Virginia Arts Festival
Virginia Wesleyan University, Robert Nusbaum Center for the Study of Religious Freedom


Virginia Stage Company, Virginia Wesleyan University Scene Shop, Virginia Opera Costume
& Props Departments, WHRO/WHRV, Maizelle Brown, Denise Christian, BA Ciccolella, Melissa Day, Seth Feman, Dr. Johnny Finn, Katie Fletcher, Sibel Galindez, Jackie Glass, David & Susan Goode, Kenny Hopkins, Philip Odango, Wallis Quaintance, Kathleen Redfern, Huascar Robles, Rear Admiral Chip Rock, Vice Admiral Herm Shelanski, Larissa Trinder, Brad Tuggle, the ghosts of the Attucks Theatre, and all of the people of Hampton Roads who helped bring this project to life! 


Shirley Baldwin, Clay Barr, Rob and Debbie Cross, Christina Goode, Jim Hixon, Connie Jacobson, Andria and Mike McClellan, Andrew Nusbaum and the Nusbaum Family, Jane and Win Short, Wayne Wilbanks, and Blair Wimbush

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