R. S. Buck is an LA-based international designer and manager for theater, dance, opera, music, and multi-media art installations. Select credits: Management: Feather (PM, CalArts Expo, LA); MOD venue (PM, CalArts Expo, LA); Himmelweg (SM, US premiere); Requiem for Black Marie (SM,World Premiere). International Designs: Orpheé (Upcoming, Deaf West Theatre, Tokyo); Brecht (Be Moving Dance Company, Israel); Antigone (Yin Mei Dance, China), ¡Anarchist! (Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern, Mexico). In LA: Canyon (Upcoming, Kirk Douglas Theatre); Cages (ongoing, Woolf and the Wondershow); herd (BODYART Dance); Formulae and Fairy Tales (Broad Stage); Insula (The Useless Room), Machines and Strings (Isaura Quartet). They have their MFA in Design and Production from California Institute of the Arts.