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production designer, producer, production manager

In one word or phrase, what does “inheritance” mean to you?

Learning from Legacy


RS Buck in a Los Angeles-based international producer, designer, and manager for live experiences. Their work focuses on creating safe-spaces for whimsical satisfaction. Design Credits: For IHP: The Water Saga (Production Manager, West Palm Beach 2020); Exodus: Resettlement (Lighting Designer, Omaha 2019); The Sarah Play (Lighting Designer, Kansas City 2017). International: Brecht (Be Moving, Israel); Cages (Woolf and the Wondershow); Orpheé (Deaf West, Japan, postponed 2020); Ínsula (The Useless Room, India, postponed 2020); Antigone (Yin Mei Dance, China), ¡Anarchist! (Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern, Mexico). LA: Canyon (Kirk Douglas Theater); Buyer and Cellar (Celebration Theatre); Orphée (Deaf West), The Conference of the Birds; The Moon has Made us Brothers (The Resonance Collective), Anyone But Me, The Oxy Complex, Mama Metal (IAMA Theatre Company), herd; Most Famous Mixtape (BODYART Dance), After it Happened (Invertigo Dance Theatre), Machines and Strings (Isaura Quartet). Producing and Management Credits: Touring: CalArts Expo 2018-2023; The Latrell Show (IAMA Theatre Company); Formulae and Fairy Tales (Invertigo Dance Theatre); The Conference of the Birds (The Resonance Collective); MASS (Milka Djordjevich Dance); Near Vicksburg; Mickey and Sage (Foxy Films). They hold their MFA in Experience Design and Production from California Institute of the Arts.

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