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Summer 2022-spring 2023


The In[HEIR]itance Project continues our “Exodus in America Series” in Memphis!

The InHEIRitance Project is a collaborative theater company working with communities all around Bluff City to create a brand new play inspired by three interwoven ideas; the history of the city, the experiences of the people who live here, and the themes of the story of Exodus. Through those three inquiries In[HEIR]itance Project artists support and deepen relationships among community members, organizations, and artists through a participatory theater project. We are hosting a series of conversations, creative salons, text studies, open rehearsals, and individual meetings where we create spaces for participants from many perspectives to learn with and from their own neighbors.

The project will result in a brand new play created by, with and for the people of Memphis, premiering in April 2023. In addition to the creation of a brand new play, the goal of this project is to provide a creative process that forges bonds between Memphians, makes connections at the organizational level, and increases the kind of understanding that enables longer-term, meaningful community relationships. 

We hope to meet you!










Memphis media


Memphis locals & In[HEIR]itance Project collaborators were invited onto Bluff City Life with host Geena Neely on Channel 5 Action News. Artists; Writeous Soul & Franceschi talked about the importance of Memphians telling their own stories, while local liaison & artist, Marcy Wurzburg Stagner was asked about the connection between art and holistic healthy living. Watch both conversations below!


This project is supported in part by

the National Endowment for the Arts

The Stand Together Foundation

 Interfaith America

Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah

The Memphis Library Foundation

and Other generous contributors


Interested in supporting this project?

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