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theater maker, educator, polyglot

In one word or phrase, what does “inheritance” mean to you?



Caterina is a theatre artist living and working in New York and Milan, Italy. She is primarily interested in developing original work and reshaping classics. Caterina has served as an artistic and community collaborator with the In[HEIR]itance Project on Preparation’s Aftermath, Tribalism (New York), Exodus: Resettlement (Omaha, NE), Exodus: Homecoming (Coastal Virginia). She has directed, assisted and sometimes acted with companies including Page 73, The Habitat, Biennale di Venezia, NYMadness, Shotz! Amios, Theatre East, Modern Shakespeare Project, Match: Lit, Stella Adler Studio. She has toured across the States and Italy with Kairos Italy Theatre’s play The Worth of Women. Her documentary Mario, co-directed with Andrea Bagnasco, was presented at CinemAmbiente Festival in 2021 and was a winner at the Moviemmece Film Festival in 2022. She also starred in Running Local (Amazon Prime), and The Hyperglot (directed by Michael Urie). She was a member of the SDCF 2018 Observership Class. BFA: NYU Tisch, Stella Adler Studio & RADA.

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