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Artist, Community Builder, Extrovert.

In one word or phrase, what does “inheritance” mean to you?



Ariel Warmflash is a theater artist and educator based in Philadelphia, PA. With the Inheritance Theater Project Ari finds herself at the intersection of her most avid passions; storytelling, community-building, and justice work. Ari has lived and worked as an artist and educator in New York City and Washington, DC as well as traveled internationally to work with artists in Israel/Palestine, South Africa, Croatia & India. She has been a Teaching Artist with educational theater organizations nationally including The Creative Arts Team, Opening Act, and Arena Stage as well working as a Freelance Artist with organizations including ECPAT-USA, The US Department of State, National Ramah, Beloved Brooklyn, Yachad, COJECO, and more. Ari is a current member of the Interfaith Leaders of America, was an NYC Avodah Justice Fellow in 2019 as well as a founding member of the Closer Look Arts Collective. She holds a master’s degree in Applied Theatre from The City University of New York School of Professional Studies.

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