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Strengthening communities
through playmaking

Strengthening communities

Making space.
Sharing stories.
Creating art.
Connecting communities.

The In[HEIR]itance Project works with communities to build relationships across divides through collaborative theater projects inspired by shared cultural touchstones.

working on

The In[HEIR]itance Project continues our “Exodus in America Series” in Memphis Summer 2022-Spring 2023. Artists will be devising a play with communities throughout the Bluff City exploring the city’s history, the experiences of the people who live here, and its unique relationship to themes and ideas of Exodus. 

 EXODUS: Homecoming, co-created by locals and performed as part of Virginia Art's Festival's 25th Anniversary season was a funny and thought-provoking drama that reimagined the 7 cities in Hampton Roads as an intergenerational family exploring the hidden (and not so hidden) struggles of the area.

Calling all engaged humans, artists, learners, doers, and makers! Connecting is what we do. Reach out and let's create something together.


Thanks for reaching out!

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